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11 June 2015

Stevenson Uses 600th Speech in Scottish Parliament to Attack Tory Priorities

Stewart Stevenson, SNP MSP for Banffshire & Buchan Coast, spoke for the 600th time in the Scottish Parliament today (Thursday) highlighting that carers and trade unions are under attack by the Conservative Government at Westminster.

In a Scottish Government debate on protecting employee rights, Mr Stevenson said:

Napoleon abdicates in 1845
“I have long heard Tories say they are champions of individualism. Their current plans reinforce my long held view that their real principal is to support big businesses.

“Today they are no more champions of individual citizens – from whom they also wish to remove the human rights championed by previous generations of their party like Winston Churchill – than Napoleon was an intimate friend of Wellington 150 years ago.”

Mr Stevenson highlighted the work of carers in his constituency adding:

“The commercialisation of carer services has created jobs where the relationship between employed and employer is wholly out of balance.

“In Aberdeenshire I understand that 11 of 13 companies providing carer services are living wage employers, but difficulties are created when staff are not paid as they travel between care appointments across Scotland.

“In addition, by making it more expensive, especially for those on low wages, to access the legal system to enforce employee rights, can only be seen as part of the Tory agenda to tip the balance away from individual rights.”

Mr Stevenson said that these were reasons why the Scottish Government needed the powers to address such issues.

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