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11 October 2016

Local MSP Calls for BBC to Reflect Cultural Nuance

SNP MSP for Banffshire & Buchan Coast, Stewart Stevenson called for the BBC to better reflect the nuanced experience of those living in Scotland and other parts of the UK.

Mr Stevenson spoke during a Parliamentary debate where he called for the BBC to better report, explain, and reflect issues faced by people across the nations of the UK.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said,

“The BBC produces some of the best current affairs programmes around- “EĆ²rpa” for instance is a Gaelic programme, that allows us to see current events in Europe from a Scottish perspective. It is one of many great programmes that only the BBC could produce.

“But there are coverage issues. Radio 4 did a piece on Sunday trading where the comments were all from an English perspective. They made no reference to the fact that Scotland has had Sunday trading for years. Critically, the situation wasn't explained for those listening in Scotland.”

“These mistakes fail to represent Scotland to England and vice-versa. They fail to represent the nations of the UK to one another. While I agree, the BBC is a vital public service, it should better embody the different perspectives and cultural nuance between the nations of the UK.”

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