25 July 2006

Lib-Lab Exec Must Get Tough on Drug Driving

Commenting on the Illicit Drugs and Driving report by the Labour and Lib Dem Government, SNP Deputy Justice Spokesperson Stewart Stevenson MSP said:

"The failed Labour and Lib Dem administration have clearly taken their eye off the ball on drug driving - they do not even have figures on convictions for drug driving offences.

"With the wide range of drugs used, it is vital that police have appropriate kits to detect drug misuse among drivers. Previous research has shown that illegal drugs were present in nearly one in 5 drivers involved in fatal accidents.

Drug driving is a big problem in Scotland and will get even bigger if this Lib-lab Government doesn't get tough on individuals who commit these offences."


UK Government research, published in 2000, into the incidence of drugs in fatal road accident victims, found that illegal drugs were present in 18% of the sample group and that medicinal drugs were present in 6%.

The research report TRL495 is available on the TRL website at:
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