12 July 2006

Stevenson On Increases In Sentencing

The Scottish government today published figures showing that had been successful in getting 19 sentences increased on appeal. Commenting, SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson, who is Shadow Deputy Justice Minister, said:

"Confidence in the criminal justice system depends on catching criminals, convicting them and imposing appropriate sentences.

"While it is good to see some progress in sentencing practice, this government is still not providing enough support to police and prosecutors.

"The government must listen to the police when they point to the limitations of Labour's flagship policies such as ASBOs. Instead money should be invested in core services such as police on the beat.

"Too many serious offences such as rape and drug trafficking lead to very few convictions. A government that trumpets 19 increases in sentence instead of addressing their larger failures in criminal justice is a government in trouble."

Stewart Stevenson
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