16 July 2006

SNP Warns That Scottish DNA May Be Next To Be Misused

For Immediate Release - Sunday 16 July


The SNP's Depute Justice Spokesperson, MSP Stewart Stevenson responded to alarming reports in today's Observer that DNA and personal information obtained from the criminal justi.ce system in England is being used for commercial purposes.

Commenting, Mr Stevenson said;

"DNA analysis is one of the most powerful tools available to the criminal justice system. But when DNA data are collected from innocent people, particular care must be taken in its use. Protecting the privacy of the individuals concerned must be paramount

"By any standard the unfettered disclosure of criminal justice DNA by commercial firm LGC is entirely unacceptable.

"This practice in England confirms that the SNP were absolutely correct to oppose the retention of DNA collected from innocent parties from police investigations in Scotland.

"The Scottish Government must confirm that our data are not going to be similarly abused."

Stewart Stevenson
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