16 July 2006

SNP Condemn Postcode Lottery For Justice

For Immediate Release - Sunday 16 July


SNP Depute Justice Spokesperson, Stewart Stevenson MSP, today (Sunday) responded to figures released to the Sunday Times regarding clear up rates for police forces in Scotland.

Mr Stevenson said:
"It is clear to see that the clear up rates differ in extremes depending
on the differing forces in Scotland.  For violent crimes, Central police have a 95 % clear up rate whereas Strathclyde have cleared only 48%.

"This postcode lottery for justice is unacceptable and is another example
of the Labour-Liberal crime policy in meltdown.

"An SNP-led government will build confidence in Scotland's law-enforcement system by supporting police chiefs', not bullying them into using ill-thought out legislation which seeks headlines rather than results."

Stewart Stevenson
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