25 July 2006

Stevenson Demands More Drug Re-Hab Places in North-East

Deputy Justice Minister Hugh Henry visited Aberdeen today to announce plans for more drug offenders to be diverted into treatment. Commenting, the SNP's Drug Spokesperson, MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

"Too many drug abusers have experienced prison without their underlying drug addiction being effectively addressed. The SNP has long advocated specialist drug courts and I therefore welcome any moves to offer re-hab to addicts.

"But the North-East has experienced long waiting lists for drug addiction treatment. Today's statement by the Minister will be meaningless unless there is a substantial investment in new re-hab places. There will be no point just 'parking' more addicts on methadone if rapid progress to re-hab ain't available.

"And addicts who have yet to offend must not be disadvantaged with longer waits simply because offenders are filling the few available places." Categories [Justice]

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