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1 December 2006

Christmas Tree Vandalism Reinforces Case For CCTV - MSP

Local SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson has said that the vandalism to the Peterhead town Christmas Tree in Drummer’s Corner serves to further underline the need for CCTV in the burgh.

Mr Stevenson – a long-time campaigner for CCTV cameras for Peterhead and Fraserburgh - was speaking after vandals struck the Christmas Tree, damaging the festive lights.

Commenting, he said:

“This is deeply disappointing for the organisers who have done their very best to brighten up the town with the tree and festive lights. The people who have carried out this malicious act deserve punishment and I hope that the public will rally round and report the individuals responsible.

“This incident does serve to further underline the strong case for CCTV cameras in the town. The introduction of this, along with a ban on street-drinking, will help to make our town centres a safer and more pleasant place to be, and would also deter the type of mindless individuals who carried out this wanton act of vandalism.”

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