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4 December 2006

SNP Comments On Exec's Failing Drugs Policy

Reacting to reports in today's Holyrood Magazine on the Scottish Executive's plans for short-life working groups on drugs policies, Shadow Deputy Justice Spokesperson Stewart Stevenson MSP commented:

"After more than seven years, the Labour-Liberal Government have finally realised that they have failed to make a dent on drug misuse in Scotland.

"Cocaine use is rising rapidly while their focussing on methadone for heroin users has merely left many addicts stranded on another dependency.

"Information about drug misuse has been hard to come by and unreliable. No wonder policy making has been haphazard and intermittent, merely responding to crises as they arise.

"The short-life groups now being foreshadowed, which will have no defined remit until 2007, are a last roll of the dice of an administration gambling with Scots lives."

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