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6 December 2013

Fraserburgh Development Trust Praised in Parliament

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson has praised the work of local Development Trusts during a debate in the Scottish Parliament. Mr Stevenson highlighted the activities carried out by volunteers in local development trusts across the North-east.

Particular attention was paid to the work of the Fraserburgh Development Trust (FDT) in the MSP’s contribution. Mr Stevenson praised the Trust’s activities in organising the ‘highly successful Super Saturday’ events. FDT is also engaged currently in a project to secure the future of the bakery at New Pitsligo upon the retirement of the present owner.

Mr Stevenson said:

“Local Development Trusts and the people who work in them are the heart and soul of countless communities in rural Scotland. They are the driving force behind many of the regenerative projects undertaken in these areas.

“These trusts contribute to just about any aspect of daily life. From culture, to fitness, environmental sustainability to boating… the work that ordinary people have put into building and rebuilding their communities is a testament to Scotland’s spirit not just in the domestic sphere, but on the international front as well.

“Fraserburgh, for example, earns its living the hard way-in the fishing industry, both onshore and offshore. It has seen some pretty tough times, but it is definitely on the way up, and Fraserburgh Development Trust is an important part of that.”

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