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26 June 2014

Stevenson Welcomes £7 million Boost for Scottish Economy

Stewart Stevenson, SNP MSP for Banffshire and Buchan Coast, has applauded energy proposals that could create a billion pound boost to the Scottish economy with significant benefits for the North-east after a vote for independence.

Mr Stevenson said:

“Once Scotland votes YES and receives independence we will have full control over the many energy sources prevalent in North-east and could become an international centre for Carbon Capture and storage in Europe.”

He welcomed the Element Energy report published last week which stated that Scotland’s infrastructure, skills base, potential storage and enhanced oil recovery sites in the central North Sea could create a Carbon Capture and storage (CCS) hub with billions of pounds worth of benefits for the Scottish and North East economy.

Mr Stevenson added:

“These large energy sources and in particular CCS, could lead to the North-east becoming the all-energy hub for Europe and bring in about £7 billion by 2050. Alongside this, an estimated 44,000 new jobs would be created. It is also projected that at least 1.4 additional barrels of oil would be produced as well.”

“Independence will place the power in our hands so that we will see the benefits of our hard work and develop our great industries to see the potential that they truly have.”

Finance Secretary John Swinney MSP added:

“The economy in Aberdeen and the North-east is one of Scotland’s success stories. The track record of the Scottish Government where we have some devolved control over our economy – including major investment in Aberdeen - demonstrates what can be done if we exercise control here in Scotland.”

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