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4 July 2014

MSP on the Case of Missing Forglen Postbox

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson’s recent surgery tour of villages across his constituency took him into almost every nook and cranny of his sprawling constituency.

Stewart Stevenson MSP posts a letter
at Forglen on a previous surgery tour
Some villages remain resolutely the same in the face of the march of time, others expand with new developments or, sadly, lose the local shop or other service. So it was with some concern that the MSP noticed the post box at Forglen had been removed and no trace of it remained.

Stewart explained:

“Forglen has been on my surgery tour schedule since I was elected in 2001 and it’s a beautiful little community.

“My mobile office is always parked up beside the village phone box and the adjacent post box. The phone box has now gone which is perhaps not surprising in this age of mobile telephones, but I was surprised to see the post box had vanished as well. It’s not unusual for post boxes to be relocated, but this one seemed to have gone completely, so I contacted Royal Mail.

“It seems the post box was removed after it was struck by a vehicle – in this case, a Royal Mail collection vehicle. However, the good news for Forglen residents is that new parts for the post box have been ordered and, once repaired, it will be repositioned back in its old location as quickly as possible.”

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