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16 December 2015

Redesigning Primary Care for Scotland’s Communities

Stewart Stevenson, SNP MSP for Banffshire and Buchan Coast, highlighted this week the importance of health care accessibility for people in rural communities.

During Tuesday's Scottish Government debate entitled ‘Redesigning Primary Care for Scotland’s Communities’, Mr Stevenson highlighted the need for more simplicity in the health service, commenting that it can be difficult for people to know who to turn to when they are feeling unwell.

Mr Stevenson said:

“Out-of-hours provision, which has been referred to repeatedly throughout today’s debate, is more complex for the patient. I have only discovered while reading the material for this debate that the phone number for NHS 24 is 111. I did not know that”

Mr Stevenson went on to commend the use of technology by doctors and patients which can help as a first protocol for people who are concerned about their health:

“Technology is helping doctors and patients. Nowadays the health service is asking us all to do some health checks.”

However, Mr Stevenson then highlighted issues with information sharing, which can prevent patients from getting the best care for them:

“Information about people’s health history is not broadly available. Perhaps we should do something very simple: just take all the handwritten notes and scan them in. We are focusing on doing difficult things such as translating them into words and interpreting them, but there are other things that we perhaps ought to do.”

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