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3 December 2015

Stevenson Welcomes Progress on School Bus safety Petition

Stewart Stevenson, SNP MSP for Banffshire & Buchan Coast, has welcomed developments made by the Public Petitions Committee in progressing school bus safety.

The School Bus Safety petition was originally brought to the attention of the Scottish Parliament by Gardenstown resident Ron Beaty following an accident in 2004 when his granddaughter was knocked over by a vehicle getting off a school bus.

Mr Stevenson has previously congratulated Ron Beaty calling him a “ferocious champion of improving safety in our school transport system.” and on Tuesday the Public Petitions Committee members discussed the School Bus Safety petition and agreed to write to the Department for Transport regarding the petition.

Speaking after the committee meeting, Mr Stevenson commented:

“I am delighted that we are making some progress on the School Bus Safety Petition, Mr Beaty has been the driving force behind the petition which continues to put the safety of young people on the radar and I commend Ron on his tireless work.”

The “Evaluation of Glasgow’s School Bus Signage Pilot” final report found that enhanced signage was more visible and noticeable to drivers than the statuary minimum signage and that the addition of flashing lights appeared to have a significant impact on drawing attention to the bus.

Commenting Mr Stevenson said:

“This recent report is very helpful in terms of what Ron has been petitioning for over the last few years, having better signage on School buses is of the utmost importance for the safety of children across Scotland”

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